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Yamaha 671 with a 4.1 system.

I've setup the Yamaha telling it I've got rear speakers, just to try out DSP. So telling it I have side and rears

Playing a dvd it doesn't expand Dolby digital dvd audio to 7.1. I've pressed sure decode button hoping that Dolby Pro logic IIx could be used on any number of tracks, to expand to 7.1

My lexicon has logic 7 so for anything from mono to 6.1 it can expand that to 7.1

Also it has two simple direct modes, logic 7 film and logic 7 music so whether I am watching a concert dvd (l7 music) a dvd movie (l7 movie) or cd (l7 music) it's simple don't have to trawl through endless dsp modes or hope the auto mode is used the precious mode correctly.

What avr offer simple, but expanding DSP like this to upsample mono, stereo, pro logic, 5.1 DD/DTS to 7.1?


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Also it has decent preset for specific type

Ie for DTS audio, can preset to Logic 7 film
Form DD audio can preset Logic 7 film

For DTS audio, use DTS music
For pcm, 2 channel

Logic 7 film

For pcm, use logic music surround

So if you switch DSP mode then switch input and back again it'll revert to the above.

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