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    Dear friends,

    With the birth of a new baby girl I have to postpone my highend multichannel solution :).
    Therefore my system stays for stereo:
    Thule balanced cdp and balanced amp (150 b) on kef. ref. 2
    For home cinema:
    Yamaha dsp-a2 (preout mains connected to thule) on kef 100 c and rdm1

    I have to questions which i hope you can help me with since the av forums are a better bet than the hifichoice it seems :D :

    1. Is the dac in the dsp-a2 (connected to a panasonic s75 dvd-a) the preferred route or should i connect a dvd player with the 5.1 analogue cables. This is only for home cinema.

    2. Secondally, the combination works fine, especially due to the impact of the thule's dynamic range, i would like to have a more ambient or room-filling sound since the sound right now is rather 'glued' to the speakers rather than coming transparent as in stereo.

    The parameters that the yamaha allows are:

    - Room size, presence room size and surround room size
    - Initial delay, presence initial delay and surround initial delay
    - Liveness, presence and surround
    - Reverbation time, presence and surround

    Can somebody give me some tips what i can do with these settings please,


    thule 150 b cd player, Thule ia 150 B amp, kef reference two front, kef ref 100 centre, kef ref rdm one rear, audusa eupen power cables, supra quattro biwire speaker cable, wireworld interlinks

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