Yamaha DSP-E800 being replaced?


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I've been toying with the idea of getting the Yamaha DSP-E800. But it seems this processor has been available for quite some time now and I was wondering if anyone knew if it was due to be replaced anytime soon with a newer model to support DLPII, 6.1 &c.???



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I read somewhere recently that Yamaha are not going to bother. Since todays budget amps like the DSP630 connect in the same way & have all the latest formats, there isn't really a market or so they say.

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I would have thought it uneconomic to produce a processor which people would expect to be priced cheaper than a receiver now that receivers with all of the bells and whistles are so cheap anyway.


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If you want to use your existing hi-fi amp for main speakers, and a HC amp for the processing and amplification of surround channels, then most HC amps will do the job. Just check that they have pre-out for the main channel and you are sorted. I have a Yamaha A5 and I use it in this way.


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Thanks for the feedback... :)

May well have a re-think on that front then. I was only put off getting the DSP630 series by someone else on these forums a while back who said that the E800, being a stripped-down A2, was miles better (can't remember who it was).

Anyway, no rush to replace the old E492, so will wait and see what bargains comes up in the next few weeks. :)


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I've had a DSPE800 for a couple of years or so linked up to my Linn Magik/LK140 amps on the main channels and it's a cracking bit of kit.

I was wondering myself if they were going to upgrade it in light of the new formats.

IMO it'll blow your E492 away, see if you can get one on the cheap/SH as it would appear from these posts that Yamaha are going to put it out to grass.


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