YAMAHA DSP E492......Protection



A query for anyone with a long memory and knowledge of a processor before processors became high end.

My 492 was working fine, and then for no reason, the display dimmed, and said either "PROTECTION" or "PROTECTED". The next time I tried to put it on, nothing, dead, no power. Changed fuse, still nothing.

Anyone had this problem?


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I did, after spilling some water in it's innards :blush: . After leaving it to dry out it was fine. Regarding yours, given it's age I would suspect something might have worn out. Or it may be an internal fuse (if it has one), if that is not the fuse that you changed.

I have mine for sale at a very low price if you are interested, rather than bothering to look at repairs. If you are then let me know and I will send you the link to the For Sale thread on here.



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Check the speaker cabling, could be a shortcut. Look out for the tiny strands.

In fact you could try to disconnect all cables and see if the unit powers up - if not it's a bad sign and it probably needs service/repair.


This reply might be late!! But did you also check the setting of the Impedance selector on the rear.

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