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Yamaha DSP-AX763 Swap Out Quandary


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I’m having a few issues with my current Yamaha DSP-AX763 and cannot for the life of me get it sounding right. I’ve tried auto PEQ which sounds too harsh and bright, manually set up from scratch using GEQ and also half and half by using auto for distances and levels then GEQ for channel frequencies. However my centre channel always sounds odd, almost muffled and the front’s sound a bit odd too, it’s hard to explain but my old Sony DG910 although didn’t immerse you as well as the Yamaha for surround effects, did sound much better for dialogue and across the front channels.

I’ve spoken to my local dealer where I got it from for advice as I’m not making progress, they suspect a bad speaker / amp match and have very kindly offered to swap it out for another amp. My quandary now is what to go for and is this a good idea or do I persevere?

I’m considering the following:

Sony 2400ES – Good reviews and I was very happy with my old Sony 910.
Denon 1909 – Same price as the Yamaha, recommended for use with Canton speakers, however out of stock everywhere!
Onkyo 606 – Good reviews and lots of happy users, however lacking in the looks department!

The other option is to use this as an opportunity to move up and get a higher spec amp, I don’t want to spend silly amounts and at the same time don’t want to go overkill for my speakers, so what should I be considering if I did this, maybe the Denon 2309, or Onkyo 806 perhaps?

Any suggestions or thoughts welcome…. Thanks. :smashin:


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Hi, I have an AX763 and like you was initially a little dissappointed with the sound......until I spent a few hours with any distraction from the gf setting it all up manually. Now I am well impressed with it, and am glad I spent the time setting it up. For what it is worth, I'd persevere with the Yamaha.

As you have said that you have tried setting it up manually, automatically and half and half then perhaps why not ask the dealer who you bought it from, if you are on good terms, to take a look at it for you in-situ at your home, to see if they can improve the sound quality.

My centre also took some tweaking before it sounded 100%, particualry when watching BR films as the dialogue always seemed to be drowned out by the surrounds; it's all good now though.

kind regards, Nick


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Onkyo 606 – Good reviews and lots of happy users, however lacking in the looks department!

Sounds like an old girlfriend of mine! :D

Seriously though, can't the delaer lend you a Sony then an Onkyo so you can do a home demo for a day or 2 on each??


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Thanks for the feedback guys, good suggestions which I've discussed with my dealer. He is not able to come and see my set up but has offered to swap out for the amp of my choice and if needs be pay extra and have an upgrade, also if the amp I choose is not suitable he will swap it again which is very fair in my opinion. He has suggested either a Denon or Onkyo unit for my speaker set up, however there are no 1909’s in stock and they only have the Onkyo 606 or Denon 2309… The Denon 2309 seems to fit the bill but it’s another £200 more than the 1909 which I’m not sure warrants the extras, however does it sound that much better?

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