Yamaha dsp-AX763 and YDS-12 Ipod dock


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Hi all, Just thought I'd add a post regarding this as when I was looking I couldn't find any info.

I purchased my 763 about 4 years ago, but only last month purchased an iPod classic
Now the 763 can use an iPod when connected via Yamaha's YDS-10 iPod dock,as stated in the manual, but as the YDS-10 is over 4 years old, trying to find one is nigh on impossible as its been superseded by the YDS-11 and recently by the YDS-12.

Trying to find any info as to whether the YDS-12 is compatible was a nightmare, so whilst looking on here in the classifieds I found a member that bought one from another member to use on his 763, so emailed him to find out if it worked. Cheers Drunkenjoiner :smashin:

The response was that it does, at least for music, as he has not tried the video playback side, but that doesnt bother me either, so I purchased one to use with my iPod classic, and can indeed confirm that the YDS-12 and DSP-AX763 work together for playback of music.

FYI my amp is used purely for audio, so there is no HDMI from the amp to the TV so I have to use the iPods screen to navigate to playlists etc. thats not saying it wont output to the tv its just I've not set it up to try.

Anyway hope this saves others from searching in vain for information as to whether the two are compatible :thumbsup:


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Any dock *should* work as after all the iPod dock port is standard. The only unique point with the Yamaha one there is compatibility with Yamaha receiver remote. Good to hear your half-punt worked

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