Yamaha DSP-AX750SE & PS3 Blu-ray.


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I was wondering if anyone can help me. I have the Yamaha DSP-AX750SE amp & a PS3. I use the PS3 mostly for games & storage, but I'm thinking about purchasing some Blu-ray movies to watch. Will the above amp be adequate, or have I got to upgrade to an amp that will accept the HD/Blu-ray sound signal?



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It depends how you define 'adequate'. You should find that the DSP-AX750SE still does Dolby Digital and DTS well despite being an older model. But strictly speaking because you're unable to make use of decoded Linear PCM surround sound (i.e. Dolby Digitial plus, Dolby TrueHD and DTS-MA) or uncompressed PCM from the PS3 you aren't getting the full quality of the many varied blu ray soundtrack formats. You're stuck with using the optical digital out from the PS3 which doesn't have the necessary bandwidth to carry these alternatives; you get the core versions which won't be as good. It's going to depend on your surround speakers to some extent as to how well these differences would otherwise be shown.



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What speakers do you have currently? If theyr'e good enough to show the differences and you're otherwise happy with them, then you shouldn't need to change them. Naturally your overall budget does play a big part, so you may wish to look at it as part of an incremental upgrade starting with the amp. Depending on your surround speaker package, you could for instance look to moving your current front speakers to become rear surrounds instead and then upgrade your three front speakers plus potentially the sub (assuming a 5.1 surround system). That's where making use of a good dealer who will allow you to audition would help.



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You can hear Dolby Digital Plus through Optical connection which is improved over regular DD. I had the 750SE and a HD DVDplayer.. But recently upgraded to get HD sound and IMO it's not worth it!!!


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Dolby Digital Plus cannot be passed on over optical digital. It does not have the bandwidth and the 'core' Dolby Digital 5.1 is lifted off, which is what will be heard.

Only HDMI connections can pass on the higher audio signals found on HD DVD's or Bluray dics.

However, the core 5.1 mixes (both DD and DTS) are at a higher bitrate than the equivalent ones found on the SD DVDs, so there may well be an improvement in sound over the standard DVD disc.


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Just joined as I have been lurking for a while and thought its time to get involved.

i'm new to the home cinema set-up and would appreciate some advice. I have Panasonic PZ45B plasma and a ps3 on order. One thing thats confusing me is doesn't the ps3 have only one hdmi slot? If so that would link straight to the tv then don't I also need to connect the ps3 to the amp via a hd cable to get the best sound? or can I link the ps3 to the amp with a different cable and then the link from amp to tv is via hd cable? Any advice appreciated, I am about to invest in an amp and speakers but confused about the set-up.

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