Yamaha DSP AX620 Where Is The Aux?


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I have an Old Yamaha AV Receiver DSP AX620, I don't have much experience with recievers.

I want to use my mobile phone it. On my Yamaha Stereo Amplifier it was a simple matter of attaching a RCA to Headphone jack into the Aux option in the back of the amplifier.

With this reciever, I cannot see an AUX option, other than in the front where it says VIDEO AUX

Any idea how I can play music through my phone?


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Connect it to any of the audio inputs at the back (expect phono) or even the video aux at the front.

If you don’t have a CD the connect it to that one and then select cd as your source to play.


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Also note that you can rename any of the sources so that it reflects what is connected to it. You don't have to continue using the degault name Yamaha initially shipped the receiver set with.

The only input that shouldn't be used is the one specically labelled PHONO. You should only ever use this with a moving magenet turntable. All the other inputs can be used to connect whatever you want to connect and the device being connected doesn't have to match what that input is labelled.


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Connect it to the video L & R on the front panel, select video with the input selector knob and set the amp to stereo. If you have a standard 3.5mm jack on your phone, You will need a 3.5mm to phono lead (gold plated if possible) 2-3 metres should be enough available on Amazon. If you want to go wireless You can also buy a bluetooth adaptor that plugs into any of the phono inputs on the amp like tuner , tv, cd, etc except turntable.

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