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Yamaha DSP-AX620 Volume Display

Discussion in 'AV Receivers & Amplifiers' started by agw_01, Dec 27, 2002.

  1. agw_01


    Nov 12, 2002
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    Preston, UK
    I got this amp for christmas and am totally impressed. The sound quality is fantastic and it looks smart as anything with its orange display :)

    One thing tho, the volume display is in decibels. My dad told me that -20dB is a quarter volume and -10dB is half way.

    Its wicked on -35dB and was just wondering whether it is right what my dad said. Anyone want to shed a bit of light on this?

  2. micb3rd

    Active Member

    Dec 8, 2001
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    This is a question I answer quite a lot.

    What you dad said is incorrect, technicaly 00 is full output but this is only if you have calibrated your setup to dolby reference.

    Home Theater Calibration.

    Why do we calibrate our home theaters, we do this so we can get a balance between the level of speech and all the effects out of the individual speakers

    AV Receivers have a DB counter.

    Having a db counter on an AV receiver is for calibration and balencing to dolby refrence, this is acheived buy using a Radioshack SPL meter and special test tones.

    This is mainly done for balancing movie sound.

    The test tones are pink noise recorded at a lower level than full reference, the reason the tones are recorded at a lower level is so you can balance you Home theater with out going deaf in the process.

    The tones are recorded at -20db below reference for AVIA DVD and -30 db below ref for internal tones from an AV Receiver.

    Both DVD and internal test tones methods give the same results.

    The amp it set to 00 and the tone is played through each channel and then you balance all speaker channels levels to 75 db.

    1)The point of putting the amp on 0 and calibrating is then you can play movies at -10 and be 10 db below dolby reference level or play at -40 and be 40db below dolby reference.

    2)Full dolby reference is usualy peaks of 105db per channel and 115db for LFE (bass).

    IF you use bass management and run speakers set to small then the LFE and sound below 80hz is passed to the subwoofer and the bass level is bumped up from 115 to 121 db.

    This obvously shows most subs are no way neer up to the job of full dolby reference.

    Full dolby refrence is very loud and can be damaging to you AV kit.

    NOTE AV receivers and Amplifier volume controls are different.......

    ***On a normal receivers with out Dolby Digital or DTS the - DB range is just a rough volume level, do not put normal hifi amps to 00 it will be dangerous for the speakers as it will distort hugely at 100% output.

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