Yamaha DSP-AX620 or RX-V620RDS?


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Sep 13, 2002
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Can anyone please tell me if the Yamaha RX-V620RDS Receiver is the same as (and offers the same performance/quality) as Yamaha DSP-AX620 Amplifier?
The RXV620 is basically just a DSPAX620 with a radio tuner!

Some super pursists might say the presence of the tuner may affect the performance - personally I think that's a load of old twaddle these days, but then the audio world is also full of people with superhuman hearing, so you'd have to make your own mind up on that!
;) :)
The 630 is a step up from both these two audio wise and also comes with prologic 2. If you ask me...
i bought the DSPAX620 yesterday from RS and it's totally fab! i spent most of the night looking like the maxell man!! i cant comment on the new version of the amp except to say that its twice the price (but is it twice the the performance?) if you need a tuner then go for the RX-V620RDS, but i can assure you its a great peice of kit for £200.

Got my RX-V630RDS from RS a few weeks ago for £320. I think it is worth the extra £120 for the extra channel + DPL2 + DD EX + DTS ES:cool:
I recently owned a 620 and yesterday heard a 630 and as far as DD and DTS are concerned in a 5.1 setup they are almost identical sounding. For 6.1 or if you watch a lot of telly (Sky) then the 630 is the one. 630 is also slightly "sharper/cleaner" sounding in stereo. DPII is a BIG step up in the 630 over the DPI in the 620. A tuner choice comes down to the individual.

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