Yamaha Dsp Ax1 Impedance Switch ?

Discussion in 'AV Receivers & Amplifiers' started by pssyche7, Dec 30, 2000.

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    Hi can someone explain this to me as im a bit lost.
    Ive just got the above amp, now for the 6-1 films on dvd a back speaker is needed so ive got a pair of polk 3001s, (to be wired up as one speaker) anyway i think they are 8 ohms, so the 2 would be 16 ohms load, now this amp has a switch at the back for this so i should have no problems (also the review in June 2000 home cinema says do this)
    But will this affect the operation of my other speakers ?
    Will my other speakers work ok as i dont know there ohms ?
    As ive got to switch this switch to the 8 ohms upwards setting for this new middle speaker as its load is 16 ohms now, surley some of my other speakers possibly wont run correctly if they are say 4 ohms ?
    My other speakers are a pair of definitive bb8s at the front and the centre to go with them and another pair of polks (lfsxs) at the sides.
    Any help would be great.

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    Don't worry too much about impedances of speakers.
    The quoted figures are 'supposed' to be an average load, however, in reality a speaker will swing from 1-2 ohms right through to 10+ constantly as it goes through the frequencies.
    Just try them and see if it sounds ok.
    Unless your speakers are truely 'double hard bast***s' you'll be ok. [​IMG]
    The worst is the amp will strugle at very high volume, ie, hard work.
    So plug 'em in and let rip. [​IMG]

    Douch!!......Wot's da madder, da CIA got you pushing too many penzils?

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