Yamaha DSP-A595A Cent Ch Distorted


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Hi All
I have a problem with my Yam DSP-A595A Amp in as much when I have it on P/L or DD/DTS there is severe distortion from the centre channel speaker.
I have a set of mission speakers but have swapped the centre speaker and still get the same distortion. The sound is fine through the other speakers.

I appreciate its a long shot but does anyone have any ideas please? I am assuming the amp is u/s - I have connected other speakers using the centre cable from differing channels and that is fine. - So I know the cable and speaker are ok.

Please please any ideas to dsave me from having to buy another amp!

Many thanks in advance



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well, if you've ruled out teh speakers and cable then i guess its likely to be the amp :(

you could find its worth asking a dealer if they can fix it.....depends on how much they quote....

might just be worth getting a new one if its a high quote...

unless someone else here knows what might be causing it and its easily fixable.....for your sake i hope it is :)


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I can't remember whether this model had a feature to allow you to manually tweak individual channels (I had its successor, the A5, but this was a few years back*) - may be worth just double checking that you haven't inadvertantly increased the dB level on the centre channel in the settings menu ?

(Shot in the dark, I admit...)

*(Not a dig about the age of your amp - it is still a great model).


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Thanks for your answers - I shall be investigating that this evening - right after the football!!

I will let you know what I discover!

No worries about the dig - people niggle me about age all the time!

Thanks again!


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