Yamaha DSP A1 & Pioneer A400 + Linn Speakers

Discussion in 'AV Receivers & Amplifiers' started by sdm197, Aug 16, 2004.

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    Hi Everyone :hiya: ,

    I have a Yamaha DSP A1 which is great for watching DVD's but not as good as the Pioneer A400 for music. What I want to do is use both, which is possible using the pre outs of the Yamaha & connecting them to an input of the Pioneer (I think :confused: ) but this is the point I don't k now how to wire it up, does my CD player have to be connected to the Pioneer or can it stay connected to the Yamaha? are the speakers connected to the Yamaha or Pioneer? I read that you can combine the two so that I can listen to my CD player through the Pioneer and the Linn speakers, then also watch DVD's through the Yamaha and Linns without connecting or disconnecting wiring. I did consider a Qed system switcher which allows two amps to share the same set of speakers, but a hifi shop said it would degrade the signal as it was not up to the quality of the rest of the system. I would welcome any replies to tell me how to achieve the result I want.



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