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Yamaha DSP-A1 or Denon 3802



I'm new to forum and need some help as what i know about AV can be written on back of stamp. I currently have a Denon 1602 and want something with more power and better sound quality.
I have choice between a Yamaha DSP-A1 and a Denon 3802. They are both a similar price. I know the A1 is a little older, but reviews are still great and they say the processor and amps are good quality. The Denon is very popular at the moment, but even with all the decoding my 1602 has (i know it's budget) I only ever use DD5.1 and sterio 2 channel.
Can you advice which one you think would be best.

Thanks again



What speakers do you have?

I recommend you to hear the Yamaha with your speakers.
In case of the Denon I wouldn't worry much because the fact your current amp is Denon, an upgrade won't hurt the sound.


I know lots of forum members will ask you to demo amd decide for yourself. But i will wholeheartedly recommend the yamaha. its been around for about 6 year, but is still a brilliant amp, able to give most mid range receivers a run for their money. If you are not intersted in prologic II ot DTS:Neo 6 which is the main diffrenece between 3802 and the A1. Also the denon is capable of 7.1 sorround whilst the yamaha has only 5.1 surround.Get the yammy,you will not be dissapointed.


He can be disappointed if the Yamaha doesn't go well with his speakers. You must match an amplifier to a speaker in order to get the best sound possible. If you don't do it the result can be a very flat and boring sound. For example, a Marantz-Triangle match is awful because the Marantz is soft and the Triangle needs a more dominant sound (NAD for example).


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I've owned a Yamaha A2 and still have a Denon 3802. If you can demo both then I'd agree with the notion that you should get the one that sounds best through your speakers. If you can't demo then I'd buy the cheapest of the 2 or both and then sell on the loser in a head to head. Personally I think the Yamaha will offer the most power if you have difficult to drive speakers. However, the Denon I found give better Bass through my system and if you only want 5.1 output it lets you use the spare 2 channels as a basic multiroom set up.

If you really only need DD5.1 and stereo then also look out for other older Yamahas such as the 1092 and the 3090 which both have similar power amps to the A1 and A2. These should be very cheap used buys if you can find them at around £100-£150.

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