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Jan 27, 2004
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Hi all
Thanks for all your help when I was asking what kind of system I should go for. I eventually went for a Pioneer DV565 DVD player, a Yamaha DS-PAX640SE Amp and a set of Enery Take 5.2 speakers.

Anyway, I have a bit of a dummy question. I've got everything set up and working, with the DVD connected to the optical DVD port on the Amp. I select the Amp input as DVD and everythings fine but I'm not sure what the best setting is to use. The Amp uses all these DSP things that I've read about and the default one is something called Enhanced which I've been using it on. The only setting which does't use DSP is Dolby Digital/Pro Logic but I'm starting to wonder if thats the best one to use. What happened to Dolby Pro Logic II etc? On my old Sony system the DVD used to display Pro Logic II etc if thats what the DVD used.

I might be completely wrong and be talking utter balls but am just after bit of advice!

The amp should default to Dolby Digital (5.1 or 6.1) if that's encoded on the disk. Otherwise, you can choose between PL, Enhanced PL, PLII (movie or music) or DTS Neo (movie or music) for non 5.1/6.1 material. (Pressing DD/PL button on remote should select mode - may need to press "amp" button first if it's anything like my brother's rxv640). If you select a DTS source the amp should default to DTS (5/6.1).

You may need to change your dvd player's audio output settings to "Bitstream" (from PCM) for DD and DTS if your amp is only offering PL and not true 5.1/6.1.

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