Yamaha CDR-HD1300 CD Player/Recorder with 120GB HD

Yeah, but its £120 extra, which is very steep!!!

when the price difference bewteen 80gb and 120gb HDD's is about £10!

You could buy the 80gb model, buy another 120gb, fit it yourself and sell the 80gb!
I know, but am not sure if (1) it's practical, easy to do and (2) what about the warranty.
Yamaha sell this product to dealers without a HDD if requested and reccomend and give full instructions to chang HDD. It's as easier to fit one in this than in a PC anyway.
You can fit any IDE HDD but if it is over 137GB it will think the drive is 137GB which is all the processor can understand (Something to do with 32bit apparantly)
Because it's recommended by the manufacturer if you follow their instructions you are under warranty. But i'm sure a proper yamaha dealer would fit a drive for you if you batter your eyelids!!
the unit includes a format utility in the menu. The LBA used could limit the drive to 137gb. If you can the OS, then you can change the LBA driver, to a LBA48 driver.

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