Yamaha BD-S1067 or BD-A1000 Hack


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I have searched the internet but no luck with unlocking the DVD part of my Yamaha BD-S1067. I know something is possible because SevenOaks HiFi are selling them multiregion.

Any ideas?


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I have discovered that with my BD-A1010 that when pressing "SETUP," then entering 8520, the region codes for DVD and BD are displayed. Pioneer carried their IR hack from their SD days. Philips carried entering 1389310 from their SD days. With Yamaha, you used to open the tray and enter 99990. There is even more of a demand in Europe for multi-region than in North America. So I'm sure someone knows how to do this. I've been trying all morning based on my knowledge of MdiaTek players and I'm getting nowhere!


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I know this is an old thread but I have just found it, the 8520 button press brings up the DVD region number, however the remote won't allow me to enter the box to make changes, any ideas anyone?

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