Yamaha BD-S1067 / Arcam AVR280



This applies to the above components, but is also a general question, so apologies if it's in the wrong board.

I have been using the digital coaxial audio output on the Yamaha to connect to the Arcam, as the Arcam isn't HDMI audio compatible, but I was told that if I connected the 5.1 analogue audio from the Yamaha to the Arcam, I would get the HD audio formats from Bluray discs.

I have tried this, and selected the DVD-A input on the Arcam to get the 5.1 channels, but the sound is nowhere near as powerful as from the digital source, and the subwoofer, although working, is much less evident. Is something wrong, or is this how it's 'supposed' to be? Is the information I received correct, regarding the 5.1 analogue channels outputting HD Audio?

At the moment, the most preferable sound is from the digital output, but that is only standard DD5.1 or DTS. Am I getting the best out of both components? I'm not in a position to be able to upgrade the Arcam, and having paid nearly £800 for it, I don't really want to either.

Any suggestions appreciated.



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It sounds like the bass management on your player doesn't match the setup on your Arcam. Only the channel levels will be active on the amp for the DVD-A input. So it's up to the player to get things like speaker distance, size and crossover frequency right. If it doesn't have the ability to do that, then you may well find normal DD/DTS sound better with correct bass management.

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