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I have a Yamaha TSR-7850 AVR.

I want to hook up a Alexis Multimix4 mixer to it combining the analog output from TV since I have to get the karaoke audio signal via YouTUbe on the TV directly via wifi as I cannot get the . TV does use foo-tics input for standard TV watching thru that input. However have to connect to youtube thru smart TV and output the audio via separate channel, RCA connection.

Relevant connections;

1. TV audio out via HDMI to HDMI input on AVR.
2. TV audio analog signal output via RCA connections to mixer.
3. Mic input into mixer.
4. Mixer output to AVR AUDIO4 input (Analog).

The issue is that i get no sound from mixer. Not sure if there is an AVR setting, or not actually getting audio output from TV.

Any help would be greatly appreciated



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Does your TV have analogue outputs or are they actually inputs? You might need to use the headphone output or even an optical to analogue converter.


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Hello ohioeddie1, I have a similar predicament in that I have the Yamaha TSR-7850 and I would like to use the AVR to both run the audio and video on the main screen as well as have mic-ins. The mixer seems like an interesting idea. Instead of using a mixer, I plan to use main Zone for the audio and video, and the dedicated Zone 2 to play the microphone audio via a preamplifier into one of the RCA inputs. Of course this means you lose two of your speakers if you are running a 7.1 setup and you want to fully make use of multi-channel stereo, but it might be a nice workaround for you instead of-- or in addition to-- using the mixer. If you get it figured out, please let us know as I am curious how it turns out. Cheers.

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