Yamaha AVR remote out to Yamaha CD player


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Hi there,

I have a Yamaha RX-A2080 AVR, which has remote out/in ports, and a Yamaha CD-C600 CD player, also comes with remote out/in ports.
I've connected them with mono 3.5mm jack, AVR out and CD player in.
I was hoping that my fabulous Yamaha AVR remote could control the CD player basic functions (play, pause, stop etc...), but no.

Anyone have any experience with this?


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I've never needed to use the remote extention jacks on Yamaha devices, but I'm under the impression that the ports would require an intemediated power supply as opposed to simply using a passive cable cannection to one device from another?

Yamaha don't really elaborate on this or give very much detail/support relating to their remote ports on their devices.

Besides which, the in and out ports on their AV receivers are there to facilitate IR extenders as opposed to connecting them to other Yamaha devices. As said, you'd need an active extender in order for these ports to be effective if used.

I'd personalyy suggest you look at using one of Logitech's Harmony remotes if wishing to controkl multiple devices via one remote.
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