Yamaha AVR doesn't start up with last setting


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I have the Yamaha RX-V377 connected to the ARC HDMI on a Sony XBR65X800H TV. I also have an Apple TV 4K connected to the TV.

I tap the Apple remote and that powers on all three. There's no sound from the TV or the speakers connected to the AVR. I press the AUX button on the Yamaha remote, then press the Audio button, then sound comes out the speakers.

I put the Apple TV to sleep and that shuts down all three as expected. My expectation when powering them up again is that the sound would come out of the speakers as it was when it was shut down, but it doesn't. I have to do the AUX/Audio button dance again.

TL;DR - the AVR doesn't remember how it was set when turning off and on.

I thought about doing a factory reset on the AVR, but thought I'd see if any of you have had a similar problem before doing so.

Thanks in advance.


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If the ATV is connected to the TV and if only using ARC to convey audio from said TV to the AVR then you'll only get audio as sourced via the ATV by passing it through the TV and out to the AVR via the ARC connection. THis would ordinarilly by the AV 1 source on a Yamaha receiver if ARC and HDMI Control are engaged on the Yamaha AVR.

The AV receiver will automatically switch to the AV1 ARC source if and when powered up because ARC is reliant upon HDMI CEC and HDMI CEC will force the AV receiver to automatically switch to the ARC source when the TV is detected. What source is the TV setting itself to when you power it up?

The issue may be more one with the cable you are using as opposed to one associated with the TV or the AVR?


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Thank you for the reply. Apologies for not getting back to you sooner.

So, at this time the problem is not that the AVR doesn't remember it's last setting. It does now (for whatever reason). I'm watching content from the Apple TV on the TV and sound is coming out of the speakers nicely. The AVR is set to AUDIO.

When I put the Apple TV to sleep, everything powers down. When I tap the Apple TV remote, it powers up everything and the AVR returns to AUDIO as was set when it powered down.

But, at this point no sound is coming out of the speakers. Only when I use the Yamaha remote to cycle to AUX and then back to AUDIO does the sound come out of the speakers.

Please note, this issue did not occur when using this AVR with two other TVs (Samsung and Vizio) using the same connections and same cables.

I tried AV1 and no sound comes out.

For clarity, I have a high-speed HDMI cable going from the Sony HDMI 3 (ARC) port to the HDMI OUT (ARC) port on the back on the AVR. I have a high-speed HDMI cable going from the Apple TV to the HDMI 1 port on the Sony TV.

I tried to talk to Sony on the phone about it. They took the immediate expected stance of blaming the issue on the AVR but could not offer any explanation as to why the issue did not occur with other TVs.


Why does cycling to AUX and back to AUDIO temporarily reolve the issue? Do you suspect the TV has an issue initially communicating with the AVR upon boot up?

Do you really think it may be a cable issue? Once I've cycled those inputs on the AVR, all is well. I would presume that if there were a cable problem then cycling wouldn't help either.

Thanks again for your help.

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