Yamaha AV63 - suitable for me?


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Hello, been browsing the forums for ideas on a surround sound kit for my bedroom.
The tv will be a Samsung LE32A558. And the devices i wish to connect will be
my sky+ and ps3.

The tv has 3 hdmi inputs and i note the yahama has 2 in 1 out.
I was thinking of connecting in the following way
PS3 to TV via HDMI
SKY+ to TV via Scart
PS3 to Yamaha via optical
SKY+ to Yahama via optical

Now am i correct in saying with AV63 package comes with the RX-V363 amp... and this has to optical connections.

I really just want to make sure its going to work if i buy it and connect it together. Would i need to connect the amp to the tv also?

Sorry about my poor knowledge with amps and inputs. I only just found the world of surround sound without dvd players lol

Any advice is appreciated.

many thanks.


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what you have posted is correct,and no, i wouldnt connect the tv to the receiver,as i bet 99% of your tv viewing will be from the sky box,which will pass audio through optical,and also through scart,if you dont have the surround on.

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