Yamaha AS301 vs Onkyo TX 8220?


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Hi All

I'm looking for an amp in and around the £200 mark to power 2 pairs of in-ceiling speakers. The speakers are the polk rc80i 100w and yamaha ns-ic600 . Both are 8 ohms speakers. I will have each pair in the living room and dining room respectively, but they form part of a through lounge. So I'm looking to either have only one on at a time or to have both on at the same time ( A or B, and A+B).

I will be mainly streaming wirelessly to these speakers, but don't mind the amp not having in-built bluetooth as I can just buy an adaptor (eg. Logitech bluetooth receiver which seems to review very well)

I have been looking at 2 amps that meet the criteria for impedance required:
*Yamaha AS301: Yamaha AS301 (Black)
*Onkyo RX 8220: Onkyo TX-8220 Black Stereo Amplifier w/ Bluetooth - Amplifiers - AV Online - UK Home Cinema and Hifi Specialists

Any thoughts on which would work best? Open to other suggestions if you guys have any?

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