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Hi all, Have been poring over the forums, Google and my amp's manual and am about to burst into tears! Perhaps someone can help me get onto the right track.

I'm in a long room (it's actually a mobile home and I don't plan to be here forever so don't worry too much about this). It's about 20 feet long and 9 and a half foot wide.
Living area is one half. That's about 10x10'. All AV speakers will live in that half.
In the other half is my home office.

If I bought a sub I'd try putting that into the middle of the room in the hope that I could use 5.1 in the living area and 2.1 in the office.

Equipment in living area of the room:
Sony 32" LCD TV
Self-build home theatre PC with DVB-S, Blu-Ray and IR receiver (Windows 7 Media Center), connected by a long SP/DIF cable to the amp and by HDMI to the TV. I generally listen through the TV speakers.
Logitech Harmony One remote

Office area (same room):
Yamaha RX-N600D (AV receiver with DAB radio, output approx 95W per channel into 8 ohms)
Another PC connected by SP/DIF
Monitor Audio BR2s on Atacama stands (these stands are about 1 metre high, I didn't realise how big a metre is - am thinking these may be good for surround rears)

I'm thinking it's time to go surround sound and my first thought was that I'd need to buy a stereo amp for my office area, move the Yamaha into the living area, and buy a set of surround speakers. However I think from reading the manual that I can use the one amp for both areas as it has front speakers A and B and the surround speakers can be turned off by forcing the amp to "stereo". Should be possible to control all of this from the Logitech remote. Any flaws in this thinking?

Limitations of current system:
- No surround
- The BR2s (or the amp) just aren't beefy enough for my tastes. Not enough bass presence. I like the heavy end of classic rock, indie, plus some techno and so on and this setup just doesn't excite me. I like to FEEL the bass (as I did with Alpine car hifis and a DJ soundsystem).

- Q Acoustics 1010i 5.1 package. Out of stock at my local Richer Sounds (£250). Also said I couldn't mix and match the 1010i fronts with 1030i's (also out of stock, £130 so £60 more than the 1010i's), I'd have to buy both and then try to sell the fronts. (I don't have stands for the fronts so would prefer the 1030i's). They said I could call another store and get them sent by courier but it's starting to sound like more hassle and more expense than I'd envisioned. Also means I can't listen test :(
- Wharfedale MS68 £300 on ebay. I've read these don't go well with Yamahas.
- Getting more expensive, a Monitor Audio BR5 or BR6 AV package which (if I can source one) is about £800 now. However I've read that the BRW-10 sub isn't very good.
- Mix and match package.

I'm considering:
BR6 (black) fronts, £329 if stock still available. A lot of money to me but bearable. Are they really that great?
BR-LCR centre (black), £105 subject to stock
BR1s (black), £95 ditto
Optional: Will buy later or straight awau if not enough bass or if needed for DVDs: BK subwoofer, either Gemini Mk II or the next one up.

BUT - I'm thinking I could use my BR2s and Atacama stands as the rears. They're cherry so the wrong colour but hey nothing's perfect.
I could then source some floorstanders for the living area, perhaps the QA 1030i if I can find a Richer Sounds branch that would courier them to me. It doesn't matter that they're a different brand as they will run in stereo or 2.1 mode only and if I move house will likely end up on the end of a stereo amp.

Cost if can find all the bits in stock: about £560 + subwoofer + cables

So my questions are:
- Is this a good combination and ok for my room (worried there may be too much sound for my small living area and will become an audio swamp)
- Is it likely to work with my amp and config
- Is the Monitor Audio pick and mix good value for money compared to the QA or Wharfedale (I'm not a high earner as evidenced by the mobile home :) - however if will get a BIG grin at the end I'll spend this much)
- Are the 1030is likely to be more satisfying as 2.0 or 2.1 speakers than the BR2s given that I like loud music with lots of bass?

Music is more important to me than film but I like both.

If anyone can help with just a little of this I'll be very grateful!


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I've splashed out and ordered the Monitor Audio BR fronts and centre in walnut, to match my BR2s which I'll use as rears. May be too big for this room but I don't plan to be here forever! (Actually I bought the BR6 AV5.0 pack from Quantum for £499. They wouldn't split. Will sell the BR1s.)

For my stereo setup I've found thanks to these forums a speaker which should be exactly what I want - loud and boisterous - the Wharfedale XARUS5000. These are £150 per pair from Hughes Direct on the Amazon Marketplace.

Will post again in a few weeks to let everyone know if it's great or a disaster :)
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I've splashed out and ordered the Monitor Audio BR fronts and centre in walnut, to match my BR2s which I'll use as rears. May be too big for this room but I don't plan to be here forever! (Actually I bought the AV5 pack from Quantum for £499. They wouldn't split. Will sell the BR1s.)

With the BR2 as surrounds, that sounds like a great option to me.


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The Wharfedales are pretty much exactly what I wanted and at £150 I'm happy. Granted, they're no lookers, but they have nice and clear treble and solid bass and I can feel the music. A good find thanks to the AV Forums!

AC/DC- Check.
70s Quo - Check.
The Beatles - Hey Bulldog - Check.
Underworld - Check.
Prodigy - Check.

Possibly a bit obnoxious in their sound and it's tempting to turn the volume up to headache levels, but they're a good buy I'd say.

Have just ordered speaker cable for the Monitor Audios. Will post back with an update when the surround sound is set up (and list my BR1s for sale, either on the for sale forum here or fleabay, not sure yet).


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Just an update to say that the BR6 speakers are absolutely fantastic and with the BR2 rears do not swamp the room at all. Am happy.

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