Yamaha Adventage Atmos Problems


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We have a Yamaha 3050 processor running 7.1.4.

For a while we have had a problem where out louder volumes on Atmos only the amp trips and says check speaker wires. There appears to be nothing wrong with the cabling and we have put it down to a possible problem with one of the Kef Ci3-80QT speakers which we worked out by unplugging them and testing. We thought that as these speakers seem to take a lot of power to get volume that maybe they push the amp too hard.

However today we ran YPAO and the normal test tones/pulse appeared in each speaker and the tones sound the same in each speaker until it gets to the front right Ci3-80QT atmos speaker and the pulse tone goes really deep and comes out of the sub quite loud as well as the ceiling speaker.

This starts to make we wonder if the processor is somehow ignoring the 110hz crossover point we set on these speakers during Atmos tracks and causing the amplifier overload?

Has anyone got any clue what could be happening?



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Sounds like something is physically (?) wrong with the amp as the test tone should come out of only a discrete speaker, regardless of settings. I would say check the wiring but given it's coming out of the sub and assumed you have connected it via phono cable then there shouldn't be this issue.


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Could you switch channel (amp end) of the suspect ceiling speaker with its pair and then run the test tones again? If the problem occurs with the same test tone as before then it would appear to be an issue with that channel on the amp amp. If the problem moves as well then presumably an issue with wiring or speaker.


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I know this is YPAO, so my comment may be useless, but I'm pretty sure with Audyssey it does some tones in sub with speakers as well which I assume it does to adjust phase? I may be wrong.
Anyway, @dante01 is both a genius and he has a Yamaha AVR as well so I'm sure he can help :)


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You'd not ordinarilly get a test tome via both the speaker and the sub simultaneously. It sounds as though something is crossed within the AV receiver itself or that there is a fault with it?

Maybe the solder has softened over the years and caused a cross circuit to occur resulting in what you are experiencing now?

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