Yamaha A870 eARC Issues


Hi everyone - long time reader, first time poster here.
I am struggling with eARC on my A870 for 2 Days now, can't get it running. My question: did anybody actually got it working?

My Setup: Sony A80J TV / A870 via ARC/eARC Port HDMI 3 / PS5 directly hooked up to TV HDMI 4
Firmware Version 2.85
eARC and CEC enabled on both TV and AV. ARC does work, I get DD or DTS from the PS5 to the AV when selecting one of these options. However, PCM is not working, neither does any High-Res Audio Format like DTS-HD MA or TrueHD/Atmos. I tried a few different cables (High-Speed with Ethernet and Ultra HD certified), no change. When I exchange the PS5 with an AppleTV 4k, or use the buildin Apps like Netflix/Disney+, the problem is identical - ARC is working, eARC not.

Am I missing something?
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