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I was browsing the classifieds and found an old post advertising a Yamaha A1 and the seller said "it does not have the colour blob problem".

Now I bought an A1 from (blush) ebay before I knew any better. What is this blob problem, and how can I tell if I have it?

Also the remote has that A, B, C selector switch on the side and on the one I won, it is broken and A and B do not lock. Where can I get a replacement?

How is it best to search these forums for A1 articles; the term A1 is too short for the search engine!

And finally, what are A1s and A2s worth, outside the mad world of ebay?



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I've got an A2 and before that I had a slightly older DSPA-1092. I think the colour blob problem refers to the orange display on the front of the amp they seem to have a habit of losing rows of pixels or giving up completely. Mine has been fine so far though. The slider on the remote just switches between the different sources so if it's broke you'll only be able to control whatever it was stuck on. You might see a used one come up on ebay but there's every chance it won't be mint condition. You'd be better off buying a new learning remote from about £30 upwards.

As to the values there's an A1 in the classifieds for £350 which is probably about right and an A2 might be about £200. Ebay of course will be £50-100 more. I was thinking of changing my A2 but reckon I'd need to spen well over £1000 retail to better it and I can live without 7.1 surround for now.


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I'm ashamed to say that I sold my A2 on eBay for £325 this week. Prices are insane. I'm buying Witters' HK 507, so I can let you know if your £1000 to upgrade is realistic (I think it might not be).

EDIT: the HK 507 sounds to me to be better than the A2. So £150 for an upgrade to a better sounding (in 5.1 and stereo) 7.1 amp. I used to have an A1, and couldn't much tell the difference between the A1 and A2. I think these amps are a bit long in the tooth now.

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