Yamaha A-S1100/2100 vs Marantz PM-KI Ruby


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Hello all, I’m after a bit of advice regarding upgrading my integrated amp.

Current set up is:

Yamaha RX-A3080
Cambridge Audio Topaz SR20
Monitor Audio RX2 - Fronts
Monitor Audio C350 - Centre
Monitor Audio RXFX - Rears
BK P12-300SB-PR

The SR20 powers the F/L/R RX2’s for films and runs independently for listening to music. It doesn’t have HT bypass or trigger, so I ran the calibration and have to turn on and set volume each time.

I have the sub connected to both the AVR (low level) for films and SR20 (high level Neutrik) for music.

Next on the upgrade list is the amp. I’ve been looking at Yamaha A-S1100/2100 (second hand) or an A-S1200 (new). It’s got HT bypass, trigger and spare channels so I can wire it up as per my current configuration. I have been keeping an eye on the second hand market for a couple of months and think I can get a decent second hand one at a reasonable price. I then saw the Marantz PM-KI Ruby is now discounted to £2kish and it’s thrown a spanner in the works.

Can anyone offer any feedback on the Marantz? Can I connect my sub to it for music? With no spare channels, can I connect to an in use channel? (sorry, this is probably a stupid question). I read somewhere that someone auditioned a PM8006, and switching between AVR and music use wasn’t as convenient as it could be. Does the Yamaha do anything that the Marantz doesn’t? No trigger on the Marantz, I believe.

I’m pretty sure the Yamaha will do everything I need, but needs scouring here and ebay for what I want. The Marantz will be an easy, brand new purchase. I won’t bother to audition either. My research seems to point that both are very good amps and not unsuited to my speakers……which will probably be next on the list.

Any help/feedback appreciated.


I have owned both the yamaha as1100 and currently the Ruby, I use the Ruby as a power amp as part of my home theatre set up as well as my stereo set up, the ruby has a dedicated input to allow it to be used as a power amp, it has to be switched manually using the selector knob, no button on the remote control, if your subwoofer has a high gain input you can use your speaker out terminals to connect to the sub, that is the best way to connect a sub anyway, I used mine that way and worked perfectly, the yamaha has a pre out, there is no competition for me sound wise the Marantz is so much more refined and powerful than the yamaha, the yamaha does not like fluctuation in power supply mine cut out twice and had to be reset via the microprocessor, no such problems with the Marantz, the yamaha weighs a ton around 25kg, the marantz around 15kg, the marantz uses the hypex ncore modules which are fast and lots of power in reserve, the marantz to me just has more get up and go , the yamaha is very laid back, the nice thing about the as1100 was the vu meters of course, but The sound is the important thing, the Ruby has superb build quality it is just supreme even the remote is class, the yamaha is a more traditional design and uses mosfet's for the power amp. runs very hot, the Ruby just runs warm, I preferred the Ruby hence why I still have it.

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