Yamaha 757 - how to connect Panasonic PWD8 ?


I need to connect the following to my screen:

2x TV Tuner (1 regular cable TV tuner, 1 payed channels Tuner, dont ask why, I live in Poland)
1x DVD player - Sony
1x DVD player - cheap crap for Divx
1x PC computer

This gives the total of 5 inputs that I need to connect to my screen, I figured that the easiest way is to do it thru my Yamaha RXV 757 Amplituner.

Photos showing IN/OUT in both units:

Plasma = http://www.djkoti.pl/stuff/vin-3slots8UK.jpg
Yamaha 757 = http://www.djkoti.pl/stuff/yamaszka.jpg

How should I go out from the Yamaha to my screen? Component or Composite and why ?


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This is very much dependent on the outputs available from the other units.

But... All into amp
DVD player - component (DVD) optical/coaxial
DVD 2 - S-video (VCR 1) Optical/coaxial
TV tuners - Depends on outputs available, S-video (need scart to s-video leads at a guess) (VCR 2 and DTV) Sound via either stereo inputs or optical/coaxial if available.
PC - What is it's use for? and what sound outputs does it have? I'd say VGA straight to Screen, and Optical output if available to amp, or just 3.5mm-stereo interconnect.

Component lead from monitor out to screen. Upconversion on amp will send all signals via this.


Im gonna stuff everything into the Yamaha one way or another cause I just have to. This doesnt seem to be a problem theoreticaly. As for the PC Im gonna need 5.1 out to the Yamaha for the games. This seems doable as well with the Yammy. The only thing that worries me is a ~10m long output cable from the PC either to the Yamaha or directly to the screen. What do You think ?

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