Yamaha 750 + Xbox


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Have a Yammy 750 and an Xbox. Just bought the hi-def cable from these forums and wondered...........

The Yammy has 3 component inputs. One for DVD, one for cable/satellite and one for monitor. I am currently using the DVD and monitor inputs for my DVD player and PJ.

Can I plug the Xbox into the cable/satellite inputs even though the manual states that a games console should be plugged into the front panel inputs of the amp?

If I can't, then how do I connect the hi-def cable to my amp and use the amps video switching for getting the image to my PJ?

I don't want to be running another cable to the PJ if I can help it just for the Xbox.


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You should bee able to re-arrange them, so you can set it to any of the other inputs you have, not sure if your model lets you change the names too (altohugh this can be confusing especialy if you don't change the remote text too)
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