Yamaha 630RDS


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After having a torrid time down at Richer Sounds (ie six visits and ten pieces of equipment demoed) I decided on the Yamaha 630RDS......it was not in stock so they let me have a 530RDS for two weeks whilst they ordered in the appropriate machine.
For once my other half loved the machine with the bright sound and all DSP modes in the world for her to play with. Went down to Richer Sounds today and collected the 630.
Got it home...what a horrible sound.....nothing like the 530 at all...sound is all distorted and bae all muffled have done what I can with the machine but still no better....is the machine at fault?

The set up is
Yamaha 630RDS
Eltax Monitor III
Gale 10s on rears
Eltax Symphony Centre


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It might be worth taking it back to RS and ask them to test it in front of you, it may be a duff one.
This Amp maybe my next purchase so please let me know how you get on.

Good Luck.


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Thanks for your reply heading back, yet again, to RS tomorrow, pain as it took them two weeks to get one in stock for me!!!!

Sounds like it is duff though!


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Can we have an update please :)
Hope its good news.


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Well, took it back down there on Wednesday but they refused to think that there was anything wrong with the machine!!!
All they would do is give me a refund.
I took the machine back home and a friend of mine looked at it who has got the Yamaha 620.
It seems that for me the impedence of my speakers is different from that of the amplifier so that could cause the degeration in sound!
Saying that we watched Gladiator with this friend yesterday and he was very impressed, the sound in DTS was fantastic.
If your impedence matches this ampifier then go for it, if not go for the 530 and save yourself some money!!!! Thats what I have done, 530 is coming in on Wednesday!


Hold your horses. At the back of the Yamaha, there's a switch to select either 8-ohms or 4-ohms. Did you do that?

If you value music as much as the movies, I would strongly urge you to go for the 630 because the 530 doesn't have a pre-out. The other day, I uses my 630 pre-out and connect it to a NAD C270 power amp to drive the 2 front speaker. Very noticeable improvement in all areas, especially the bass. I couldn't bear taking out the C270 now.


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Tried the switch but I have 4ohm speakers as the rears and you cannot set that on the 630.......also my partner, who paid for most of our equipment, does not like it as it looks horrible and she still prefered the sound of the 530, even though I tried to say that they are near enough the same machine!!! The preout will not bother us as she is happy with the sound for music!
Oh to be under the thumb!!!


An interesting thread.

I own the 620 and 630 and strangely prefer the sound of the 620 to the 630.

very odd.

(im using mission M series speakers)


Markster, if you prefer the sound of the RX-V620, would you like to sell your RX-V630 to me ?
you can then recover some money and keep your favorite receiver still. everybody wins!

Let me know! you can email me:
[email protected]

PS. not so sure anymore I would buy one unless the price is VERY good. The new Denon 1803 is out and sells at under £300 at www.unbeatable.co.uk inc vat. I think it beats RX-V630.
And I think prices for Yamaha receivers are in for a radical fall.

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