yamaha 620 remote codes

pat clancy

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hi all,i,ve goy the remote working on everything except video which is grundig,i got tv working by chance,having heard philips make bush stuff,i tried a philips code and it worked,bush codes didn,t work,who makes grundig,maybe i can try other manufacturer who makes grundig stuff,pat


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Search for a grundig code on the Sky Digital Remote Control pages at Digital Spy. Then find that code relating to another brand. IYSWIM.



depends how old the grundig VCR is .Grundig used to be owned by philips. now it is just a brand name owned by DSG dixons/currys that they put on different far eastern etc made electronics.

pat clancy

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cheers guys for replies,i got the vcr to work today using a matsui code,they are made by curry,s,makes sense,rgrds pat

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