Yamaha 620 owners please look in



Bought this yesterday, and have spent hours trying to connect it up unsuccessfully.

I have done the speaker tone test, and all speakers are recognised, is a hiss type sound what you should hear for the tone?

now i have tried to setup my pioneer 350 with it, it has coaxial output, so the only connection on the back of the 620 says cd coaxial is this the right place to put it into on the amp?

i am getting no sound at all, any ideas?



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high gareth, i know your exact problem the 620 has no coax input for coax lead, you must use optical lead to hook up dvd player. hope this helps


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I have a 630, don't know if the 620 is the same but i have my DVD player's coax out into the coax in on the amp which is labelled as CD. On the 630 it is possible to reassign the inputs so that when I change to DVD through the remote or the amp buttons, I get the input through the coax - hope that's understandable!


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The Yam 620 has a coax input.

You have to re-map the coax input

As the label on the back suggests, the default setting is 'CD'.

In the setup menu, change 'CD' to 'DVD' and the sound will be routed as you need.

I know, I've been there... :blush:


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Hope you've sussed it out.
If not: -

It's in the SET MENU, number 4 I/O ADJUSTMENT

4D is the one that will interest you: COAXIAL IN

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