Yamaha 373 and PS5 surround sound via arc connection


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Wasn't sure if best to post here or in the ps5 section so will try this first.

My base setup is a Samsung k series tv and a yamaha 373 av reciever. I have a small HDMI switch connected to the 4k HDMI port on the TV which then has my PS5 and xbox series x going in to it. The av receiver is linked via the arc port on the tv and is used to carry the audio over hdmi. My TV also has a sky q mini box connected directly with hdmi.

The issue I'm having is specific to the ps5 when playing blurays. I can not get surround sound when playing discs with their default audio track. I have the console set to bitstream/av amplifier 5.1/dolby. Also from within the 3 dot pop up menu when blurays are playing I have selected bitstream which seemed to be a fair x for a few people on various forums but unfortunately not for me. With this in place it still outputs 2 channel pcm when blurays are playing but netflix apps, disney plus and games all play fine with 5.1 and its showing it decoding as dolby digital on the reciever. TV is also set to bitstream to match and all this works fine with everything except bluray.

The kicker here is that the sky q box passes through the 5.1 absolutely fine and also the xbox series x plays blurays with no problem at all via the exact same method as the ps5. If I select a bog standard 5.1 track from a blurays menu it does play the 5.1 so its like the ps5 isn't liking the dts-hd track over the arc connection. As I say. No problem with the dts hd track on the xbox coming through on the arc via the bitstream setting so I can understand it.

Am I missing something here?



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It probably won't help but just to eliminate a possible issue have you tried connecting the PS5 directly to the TV, eliminating the switch from the chain.


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Thanks mate. Yeah I tried it but no luck. Same connection xtion via the switch works fine with blurays on the series X so seems to be ps5 specific to the my setup bizarrely.

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