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Yamaha 2600: receiver, or central heating radiator???


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Is it normal for these beasts to generate a lot of heat...??

Its almost too hot to touch on the top... Ive only had it on for a couple of hours on a very low volume, listening to footy on the radio....

I cant believe it is generating so much heat, its like a radiator... you can feel the heat eminating up through the vents...

Having not owned a decent bit of hifi for a while, im unfamiliar with what is normal, I would have at least expected a fan in there like my old technics amp many moons ago....
Some amps to get hot and if it is hot in the room they can overheat. But if you dont hear any problems on the speakers and it doesnt smell like something inside is burning (plasticy smell) then it should be normal.


I've got a Yamaha RX-V 1600, and that gets very hot too. The RX-V 640 that it replaced hardly got warm at all, so it came as a surprise to see how warm it runs.


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My old ax-620 got plenty hot, my 2500 is about on par with it. The 2500 is also ment to have a cooling fan but can't say i've ever heat it come on, its thermal based so will only fire up when needed.


i have my 2600 on all the time the TV is on.

as all my video goes throu the 2600 to the tv.

and i just checked now and the top is fairly hot.

sure i read somewhere they have a fan in them
and come on when needed.
cant remember where thou.


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There is an option in the Advanced setting menu to set the fan to be on all the time if you are worried about the amount of heat produced.


I have a Yamaha PianoCraft MCR-E400 and the receiver gets almost too hot to touch when I turn the volume to a bit less than half. I have the cd player on top of the receiver because it looks better and i rarely listen at high volumes, but it seems that i will have to put the 2 components side by side. Last time it was so hot i was afraid to have the rubber on the cd-player feet burnt.
I already had to send my Sony MHC-RG40 to repair 'cause during 2 or 3 years i listened to it at high volumes with the speakers almost glued to the main component. The guy that repaired it said that the welds on the "sound output" broke due to successive heating and cooling of that part...
Now that there's nothing on its sides i can crank the volume all the way up and the air expeled by the fan is still not that hot... But that is my Sony, that has a fan. The Yamaha receiver hasn't...

Do you think this heating is normal?:rolleyes:

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