Yamaha 2500 Connection To PC



Hi i am currently using a SPDIF connection from PC to AMP (2500)

But as it is not possible to get true 5.1 from SPDIF in games i want to go the analogue route as well BUT was wondering how many sets of analogue connections can the 2500 handle?

I am using the Multi Channel input to connect the DVD player to AMD for DVD AUDIO/SACD does this mean i cannot connect the PC to the AMP ? the only other analogue ports i can see are Pre out but they seem to be for connecting to anouther amplifier?

Any ideas



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It depends if the game supports Dolby Digital, in which case it would have to pass the sound through the Digital link (it's called Dolby Digital after all). The game might have an internal DD decoder though and thus send it in analouge form to the pc speakers.
Otherwise you would have to make do with Prologic ect. If you have a nvidia soundstorm motherboad, it encodes DD on the fly and you can then send the DD to the amp.

Otherwise i think you might have to buy some sort of switch , so you can switch between sources for the multi channel input and use analouge.

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