Yamaha 1400 owners question


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This is one for owners of the Yammie 1400 receiver.
I have noticed when switching between sources that I get a display that shows 'DialNorm +/- xdB'. e.g. when selecting DVD it shows 'DialNorm +4dB', when selecting Xbox it shows 'DialNorm -7dB', etc.
Theres no mention of 'DialNorm' in the manual, can anyone enlighten me to what it is?

Also, just out of interest, what DSP mode do you guys listen to your cable/sky/DTV broadcasts in? I use DTS Neo Cinema, as it seems to sound best.

Cheers guys.


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Thanks for that Nelius. Is the optimum listening level encoded onto each DVD then, and dialnorm adjusts your receiver to suit?

Sorry I dont have the Alien quadrilogy. I just own Alien and Aliens separately. The other films were way below par for my liking.


That's my understanding of it anyway.
Have you already played Alien in DTS? Did you have any problems with it? I'm having problems on my R1 version with DTS selected. Dolby Digital is fine though. Thanks.

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