Yamaha 1400 & multichannel audio setup Question


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Can anyone tell me if its possible to configure my yamaha 1400 to output the rear channels for multi channel audio from my rear back speakers, rather that from my rear surround speakers, which are either side of my listening position + slightly behind. Its my understanding that for multichannel audio the rears should be equal distance behind you as the fronts are in front of you.

Hope this makes sense??!!?? :eek:




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With dvd-a and sacd the amp is only used as a power amp so has no control. With dolby and dts I would dought you can control which speakers output what. The only suggestion I can give is to use a speaker switch box and when your usinf multi-channel music just switch the sound to the rears and switch back for movies.


Have you tried putting your 'surround' pre-out from your deck into the 'surround back' inputs of your amp? As Dfour says your yammy is only acting as a power amp when using 'multi channel input' so what you put into the 7.1 inputs is what is amplified and sent to your speakers.


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Cheers for the replies, lads

Thanks for the swift reply, was hoping there was something within the amp's setup that would allow me to customise the output to the speakers

My 1400 only has 6 channel inputs so can't do as you suggest, but thanks anyway.

Hope this doesn't start me thinking of another upgrade :rolleyes: :D




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not gonna be overly useful, but the surround speakers on DVD-A/SACD should be at 45 degree angle to you, facing directly at you....distance isnt quite so important as you should be able to alter the setup on the DVD player for delay and on the amp for channel level.....

assuming your equipment has that much control ability.....

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