Yamaha 1400 - component: Any good?


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I have just received my yamaha 1400 amp today and wanted to connect all my av kit through it as it upconverts to component.

This will allow me to component out of the amp into my toshiba 42wh36 via one cable and view all my sources through the tv this way.

I was wondering if this is advisable or stick with the old fashioned way of manual switching video sources?

This was the case in the past but since amps are getting better by the day i thought this amp would be able to do this.

Any comments would be appreciated.


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Germany, I'm afraid as i wasn't prepared to buy it at such a high price here. I will see it when I get home as it only arrived today.

Steve Rollings


I have a 1400 and use it to switch my HK30 DVD player and the picture is fine (up conversion works well), but I found a RBG to Component (JS Box) thru the 1400 was not such a good picture as RGB to VGA directly to the plasma


Yamaha have taken a stand!
They have decide to stock companies who can give advice on their products.
We have stock of them and so do most other major Yamaha dealers. 2 more coming in from Yamaha tommorow so they must have them in stock too.


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went home last night to be greeted by my new brand spanking yamaha. I didn't expect it to be that heavy, hopefully my stand is able to cope.

Glad to hear 'Steve' that component through the amp is good. Will get round to ordering my cables from 'bluejeancables' and then test the beast out properly.

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