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Hi All,

I just popped this disc into my Yamakawa 365 and I am getting no sound from it. If I skip to chapter 3 then the sound plays. After a short time it drops out again. Begins if I skip forward a few chapters. I've hooked up my old Philips player to my Yamaha 1400 receiver and it has the same problem. I previously had a Yamaha DSP-A1 amp and had no problems when I played this movie in DTS with both of these players. I've tried it over a coaxial and optical connection, with both giving the same results. Please tell me that I don't have a dud receiver. :(

The Dolby Digital track plays fine though. Any other movies with DTS have played fine (was just playing Band of Brothers before it).

Any info?

EDIT: Should have mentioned that the receiver display is flashing between DTS and Dolby PL.


I've just had a reply email from a guy in the US who has the same problem as I have. I wanted to know which receiver he was using and it turns out he's also using a Yamaha RX-V 1400 RDS also. Can other Yamaha 1400 owners please try out their copy of Alien with DTS sound enabled and let me know if they encounter any problems? I'd really appreciate it. Thanks.


Digging this thread out again to see if any new Yamaha 1400 owners have surfaced.
I've been onto Yamaha Support and they are claiming that the 1400 has such a good processor that it shows up any incorrectly encoded DVD. I'm a bit reluctant to believe that answer. They claim Fox are responsible for the problem. I've encountered it now with the R1 NTSC DVD and the R2 NTSC Japanese DVD. Since I'm in Europe, I'm more than likely up the creek without a paddle with regards to Fox helping out. Here are the 2 replies I got from Yamaha Europe:

Dear Mr.

So far we have tested if there is a problem with DTS the DVD caused the problem.
If the problem is always at the same position, the DVD will be defect. It could be a program or encoder error during the production.
In such case you have to contact the manufacture (not the dealer; he cannot check the DVD).

The reason for different between DSP-A1 and newer DTS-decoder is, that old-decoders are not able to notifying all errors on the DVD. (Example: Problems with wrong DTS 6.1 flag).

Only if you have problem with all DTS-DVD, than the decoder will be defect.

Yours sincerely.
Yamaha Elektronik Europa GmbH
Reiner Lohse

-------- Original Message --------
Subject: Technische Anfrage (engl.) (16-Mai-2004 10:32)
To: [email protected]

------------Technische Anfrage (engl.)----------------
Land: Germany

Modelbez.: RX-V1400RDS
Farbe: Titan
Details: Hi,

I encounter some sound drop outs on my receiver when playing back DVDs with
DTS sound. Some movies like Alien Directors Cut lose their sound completely
and then comes back but drops out again. I have tried another DVD player
but it produced the same problems. My previous amp was a Yamaha DSP-A1 but
I did not encounter any problems when playing DTS DVDs with it. I've
searched the Internet and discovered other people with similar problems to
mine. They also have Yamaha receivers. Dolby Digital soundtracks play fine.

Please advise me as to what I should do at this stage. At present, I am not
100 % satisfied with the receiver.

Best regards.
Second email:

Dear Mr.
I like to explain the problem in this way:
"There are two cars at the same road: one off-road car and one sports car.
On this road there is a stone. With the off-road car you will have no problem. With the sports car you cannot past the stone.
Where is the problem? The sports car or the stone on this road?"

Yamaha is the leader in AV-Receiver in Germany - more than 20% market share. However, there are two reasons for "many" customer complains regarding problem with Yamaha.
1. High market share
2. High performance decoder (with are able to notice "all" errors)

In other words: if the DTS signal is in specification, you will have no problem (with all brands). Basically other brands have the same problem - not alway with the same DVD, but with such kind of problems! We know it.

The DVD manufacture knows about such problems you have. Please contact them.

Yours sincerely.
R. Lohse

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Subject: Re: Technische Anfrage (engl.) (17-Mai-2004 16:27)
To: [email protected]

Thanks for your response Mr. Lohse.
The disc in question (Alien Directors Cut) uses seamless branching to
deliver 2 versions of the movie on one disc. Could this be what is
causing the DTS processor in the Yamaha to stop recognising the DTS
flag on the DVD? I don't understand why owners of different brand
receivers/amps do not encounter this problem? I speak of owners that
have newer models of receivers/amps from Pioneer/Denon/Harmon Kardon.

Is it possible for somebody at Yamaha to make some kind of test with
Alien Directors Cut with DTS sound selected?


Best regards,
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