Yamaha 1065 with Jamo Sub (A102 package) – using high level inputs


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Hi –

I’m using the Jamo 102 style-package with a Yamaha 1065, but playing around by swapping the fronts with bookshelf speakers to improve the pure direct mode. Got a couple of questions though...

Question re wiring up the sub to run in this mode…I understand I need to connect it using high-level inputs, but then do I connect it in parallel with the front left and right speakers on the amp, or should I use the pre-outs?

What happens to the sub when pure direct is switched off and the LFE connection becomes active as well? Does it try to process the two sets of signals, or does it automatically ignore the high-level if the low level is active? If not, should I be manually disconnecting the high level-cable for normal use?

Finally, the sub has only one frequency dial, which is set to max to allow the amp to do the crossover in normal use…presume I need to manually alter this dial when running in pure-direct?

Thanks for any help

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