Yamah RX-V585 presence speakers loud distorted sound issue


Hi All,
  • When I got the receiver there were no issues with this unit until today, that I discovered overhead (presence) speakers are making a very loud distorted noise along with the audio.
  • I was about about to watch a Atmos movie today when I first found this issue.
  • Week ago I watched Atmos movie without any issue whatsoever.
  • I usually watch 6 channel (5.1) video all the time there is no issue with FL FR C SR SL channels.
  • So this issue should have been occurred any day within this week, which I didn't notice until today.

Additional Info,

  • I brought this brand new Yamaha RX-V585 in 20th November 2020.
  • I usually listen to music (Deezer and MusicBee), watch TV series (PotPlayer) and watch movies (PotPlayer) all through the HDMI cable (HDMI input 1) with my laptop.
  • I don't use a output display with the receiver. Since I'm using with my laptop, I have a external monitor.
  • I configured presence speakers as overhead because I watch Atmos movies. I don't use Bi-AMP or Zone B.
  • Front speakers are - 6ohm
  • center is 8ohm
  • surrounds are 6ohm
  • overhead (presence) are 8ohm
  • I don't use any subwoofer
  • I don't usually mess with settings, only using the remote to turn up/down volume and switch on and off.
  • maximum volume is set to -15db (minus). But I usually watch anything with -24db volume
  • using the Straight mode only
  • using direct mode doesn't resolve the issue
  • This receiver is not US or EU model, meaning that you don't want to configure ohms to 8 or 6. It's by default 6ohm and no options to change it in the Advanced menu.
  • First day when I connected this to internet it downloaded the firmware 1.69 and installed itself.
  • My usage of this unit is - 30 - 45 mins daily, occasional movie watching 2 - 3hours

What I tried so far,

  • changing HDMI cable
  • changing the laptop
  • changing speakers
  • removing all the speakers other than presence and trying again
  • found out when I turned on Speaker Setup > test tone -- on and go to Speaker Setup > Level and go through all the speakers and, when it comes to presence speakers, it still makes a loud distorted sound. So the issue is with the unit, not inputs or outputs
  • Factory reset - after reset test tone in the settings with the presence speakers are now just a single loud clicking/crackling noise - even though when I play something, the issue is still there with the presence speakers
  • When I play stereo or 6 channel audio and switch to a mode like sci-fi or 7 channel or any other, issue is there
  • When I play stereo or 6 channel with Straight or Direct mode no issues because It does not involve presence speakers

Called the local Yamaha Dealer and informed because I have a warranty - he said to bring to inspect

  • I have put this note to inform other RXV owners and get any idea if anyone have gone through the same
  • I will update this thread once I get this resolved
  • I will post this in other forums as well - audiosciencereview and audioholics

similar issue I found online,

Thank you.
Sorry if this is off-topic


Apparently, It was due to Presence speakers DAC IC was burned, according to the technician. They have replaced it. I don't know what happened to this industry, using cheap parts can't even hold for 2 months. Back in the day, it was better; like my 45 years old Technics Stereo is working to date.

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