Yamada DVD 2500



Im looking for a cheap DVD player for an OAP relative.

Has anybody got this unit? Any comments good/bad?

Does this machine handle RCE DVD's?

Bought a couple for the parents and in-laws and very impressed with the player itself did everything it needed to every bit as good as other DVD players I'd seen.

Only downside was the handset itself. Seemed a little bit iffy sometimes. Was okay working the DVD sometimes but in the setup menu for example it was very difficult to control, sometimes it wouldn't recognise the keypresses.

This was the same on both units, haven't had a chance to try them out with different batteries though (in case that's the issue?) but the player itself is good.

Not too sure about the RCE discs as I don't have any myself to try them out with but handled everything else fine.
Thanks Iain.

I recently found a link on the Amazon web site that I originally missed. It explains how to change the player to region free, or force it to a specific region which should overcome RCE. For £29.99 and free p&p, I'll probably take a chance. I dont want to spend a fortune as the person wont play many DVD's and isnt that fussed about pin sharp images etc.
It's definitely a decent enough player, esp for someone who isn't going to be worried too much about it being the best, etc.

If I was going to buy a second DVD player for my daughters bedroom, etc then I would easily get one for her.

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