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    I understand that the Yamada 6700 works as a standards convertor and I would like someone to do an experiment for me.

    For this experiment you will need a Yamada 6700, a DVD recorded in NTSC and a cheap VCR that does NOT play NTSC tapes.

    I would like you to put the NTSC DVD in the Yamada 6700 and select the switch marked NTSC and play. Then connect the cheap VCR to the Yamada and record for say 30 seconds. Then change the switch on the Yamada to PAL. Then play back the tape.

    Do you get

    a) The first 30 seconds is unintlelligible then the picture is pretty much perfect


    b) All of the recording is unintelligible

    If you get all the recording is fine then this means that the VCR plays back NTSC tapes or something very funny is going on.

    If you get a) then the machine acts as a genuine standards convertor

    If you get b) then the machine acts as a pseudo standards convertor in the way that a lot of VCRs do.

    Of course you could do the same experiment but with a DVD recorder that doesn't play NTSC DVDs but I think these are hard to find especially for people that own the Yamada 6700.

    Anyone that knows of a machine that is a genuine standards convertor and has a record facility in multi formats then I am all ears as they say.

    Anyone that can help me out I will be really grateful to.

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    it's not a switch
    it's a button called SYSTEM on the remote control
    and it cycles through NTSC --> PAL --> AUTO

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