As Xmas is coming, I have decided to maximise the potential of DVD and get a HC setup. I started on the Richer website and happened accross the Eltax Hollywood set, for a seemingly good price of 107 quid. Members of this board seem to rate them aswell after doing a search. After visiting my local Richer, they recommended the Yam RXV396RDS over the Aiwa AVNW30 that had initially caught my eye.

Yam - http://www.richersounds.co.uk/index...tl.php&p=201906

Aiwa - http://www.richersounds.sv01.net/in...tl.php&p=206331

My main criteria was price, as being a student type it is important, however I dont want to be left short on sound by falling into a sales person trap.

My two questions are: -

1) Are these speakers capable in a moderately sized room for HC and music reproduction?

2) Is the Yam a better model than the Aiwa, would it suit the above speakers.

If anyone has any other suggestions regarding products that may assist then please feel free. Budget wise I am looking to around £250 - £275 mark.




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Originally posted by Lippy
After visiting my local Richer, they recommended the Yam RXV396RDS over the Aiwa AVNW30
Amazing! :eek: Richer Sounds amp recommendation is spot on!
Those speakers will work well with the Yam too.


Could this recommendation have anything to do with their stock levels? :rolleyes:


this is what i was trying to find out - I dont want to be a conned into buying something(that does look good) just for the sake of a sales man shifting stock.

thanks for your posts

Anyone with any further comments.......


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Book a demo and just your ears be the judge.

Of the two amps I would say the Yamaha would be a better bet.


Go for the yamaha the quality of the circuitry is alot better than aiwas from what i've seen and the stereo reproduction will be a lot better aswell. I always find the yamahas to be, musically, alot more capable than most their counterparts. Marantz are very good too but around the price range youre looking for youre gonna get more value with the yamaha.

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