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Sep 7, 2003
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I have a couple of questions that I doubt anyone on the Yamaha technical support line will bother to help me with and was wondering if anyone hear might be able to help...

1) I run my Main speakers from the Outputs (not pre-out?!) on the Yam to my Nad C370 amp. I find that I have to turn the volume level up to 12 o'clock on the stereo amp to get the correct volume on the front L&R channels when I'm listening to anything in surround. This is pretty irritating, especially if I forget to turn it down when I turn on the CD player (typically played at 8 1/2 o'clock). Is there anyway that I can set the 'norm' volume for the Main speakers at this latter level when I want to use surround sound? I have tried altering the ratios between the speakers and I have tried changing the volume of the channels, but a -20db doesn't make the slightest difference - 8 1/2 to 12 o'clock is a lot of noise to make up.

2) I've managed to set the Toshiba manufacturer code for the TV into my amp's remote. Even though I've tried all the possible codes, I still can't get the Input Selector to work - it just brings up channel 00. This means I still need the TV remote, but only for one button. Is there any way around this?

3) Unsurprisingly there are no manufacturer codes for amps in the Yamaha manual. I would like to be able to use my NAD stereo amp with the av-amp remote. Would this be possible and where would I be able to find the manufacturer code?

Any help with the above would be much appreciated! I haven't had as much trouble as some setting this system up, but if I could sort out these relatively minor problems, it would be great.

Thanks, Pete
Not sure if there are other reasons you aren't already doing this but:
For mixture of convenience and sound I would connect (With decent interconnects to keep loss of quality to minimum) the Yamaha Pre outs (Front L+R) to the Main In (remove links) on NAD C370 and use the yamaha as a pre amp and NAD as power amp so plugging all equipment into the yamaha.
As the NAD can be run as a power amp it is probably worth any loss from this method for the convenience of one volume control.
I was a bit wary of doing that as I kinda wanted to keep the CD player as separate as possible from the av amp, but if you don't think there'll be any loss in sound quality, there's no harm trying it.

I might have this wrong, but changing the tone control on the Yamaha does affect the sound coming out of the 'outputs' - I assume that this is therefore not 'pre-amplified'.

Thanks very much for your help. :)
I see from reading the NAD manual that tone control also affects the pre-outs on this too. I'd assumed that this would have been on a separate circuit.
Can't answer 1. but I have had experience of 2 & 3. This may not be of much help but this is my experience with the RXV740 amp.

2. I've managed to get the TV input button working for my Philips TV. Have you tried all the available Toshiba codes? One may work better than another.

3. Tried the same with my Marantz amp and no joy. You could try all the different codes available, even for other devices, as I did for my Goodmans freeview box, but this could take some time.
Yeah I tried all the Tosh codes, but no joy. Same situation with you re: my Sky+ box - the codes seem to be old and won't work with it. I guess I'll try Yamaha; unfortunately my experience of telephone support is that it is usually a waste of a phone call.
I have the same amp and problem with the Toshiba / Sky codes....

I emailed Yamaha and they said that the codes in the manual are all that is programmed in to the remote so no can do.

That may save you a phone call...

Bugger. Thanks a lot for letting me know though.

I've only just realised I can get the Sky+ remote to change the TV volume so that's solved one problem. Irritating though I still need the TV remote just for one button. :(

bobbypunk, would you mind explaining a bit more about using the NAD as a power amp? I would still prefer to plug the CD player into the NAD (unless you're certain there would be no loss in quality); could I do this yet use it as a power amp for surround?

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