Yahama HTIB45 - Questions, can you help me answer them?

Iain Chapman

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Please don't shot the new guy - not just yet anyhow.

I've been thinking about getting an a 5.1/DTS sound system for a while. I've mainly been concentrating on an 'all - in - one' setup as my funds are limited, and having got young children I'm never going to be allow to have it turned up that loud :) !

Until recently I'd been thinking about the Sony HT-DDW840S. Seemed (from what I'd read) a nice system, which give DTS, 5.1 and ProLogic II.

Having browsed this site over the last day or so, and my focus has changed to the Yahama HTIB45 system, following several good threads on it.

Being new to this scene I'm a tad confused (easily) so these may seem like stupid questions, however:

a) I note that the HTIB45 has Dolby Pro Logic II, Dolby Digital EX and DTS-ES Matrix 6.1 in phantom mode. Should I infer that this system can give both Dolby Digital 5.1 and a 'virtual' 6.1 sound, depending on the feed being played though it?

b) Can someone point me in the direction of a site where I can 'discover' what inputs etc the Amp included in the HTIB45 package has please, or perhaps post the information here?.

c) Connecting it all up :) - a large topic...

My current 'setup' involves:

Sony DX30 IDTV (inbuilt ProLogic decoder)
TiVo with Sky Digital
Encore DV450 DVD Player
Playstation 2
Panasonic VCR.

Obviously with the exception of the Playstation and DVD player the maximum sound quality available is going to be ProLogic/ProLogic II. Given this my current thinking (all you experts now get ready for the laugh factor), is that I could should connect the Playstation and DVD Player directly to the Amp.

For the rest I was thinking of leaving it all connected directly to the IDTV, disabling the internal speakers (theres a button on the back to do this) and connecting the IDTV to the Amp using the Phono connectors on the rear of the IDTV.

Is this feasible/correct?.

Appreiate any help.




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Just got myself one of these a week ago. I havn't had time to find everything out yet but here goes.

The center rear speaker is a virtual speaker when in 6.1 mode, the avalable inputs are

1 Optical Digital
1 Coaxal Digital

6 audio inputs assigned as


I have my DVD hooked up to the coxail Digital connector and the stero out from my Sony KV28-FX60 to the D-TV connector, that way anything I watch on the TV, from either my Tivo, VCR of just normal TV is sent through to the system.

You can download the manual for the receiver from http://www.yamaha-audio.co.uk/downloads/manu_homecinema.asp select the HTR-5540RDS

I paid £300 for mine from Empire Direct http://www.empiredirect.co.uk/productdetailsnew.asp?modelcode=YAM-HTIB45&affiliateid=76#

Hope this helps in someway



hey chato - im getting that too - does it come in silver titanium or black from empire as picture and colour are different! - how long did they take to deliver?


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It came in the silver titanium, Deleviery took 3 working days, ordered on friday morning (well v late thursday) and arrived on tuesday morning.

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