Y Tu Mama Tambien



I've been looking forward to this film coming out on Region 1. Region 2 release just seems to have dolby stereo but region 1 is advertised as having a 5:1 soundtrack. (Play.com)

I've also read region 1 reviews that mention the 5:1 soundtrack and praise the use of this in the underwater scene in the film. -

I shopped about for best region 1 price and bought from futureent.com where language is just mentioned as Spanish. Futureent are always pretty vague with their audio information so I didn't worry about this.

I'm pretty hacked off to receive today from futureent a dolby stereo region 1 version. I have now re-ordered the play version with the soundtrack I wanted and will try and get futureent to take this one back.

Anybody enlighten me to what's gone on or have I just been a victim of not inspecting the small print too carefully ?:mad:

Thomas Rassinger

Well, there are two Region 1 (unrated) versions:
  • One from MGM (USA) which has a 5.1 soundtrack & extras
  • One from Alliance (Canada) which has only a 2.0 soundtrack and is a barebones disc. This is probably the one you got from Future Entertainment despite them showing the cover of the MGM DVD on their site.
The UK Region 2 version is essentially the MGM DVD plus a quite extensive booklet and a subtitled commentary.

Hope that helps.

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