Y splitter for PC


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What resolution is your Dell monitor? I assume it's different from the TV.

You'll have to pick a setting that will work on both screens & if that doesn't match the native resolution of either screen you could end up with 2 poor images.

Carl Z

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1024 x 768,thats the highest on the Dell monitor-i guess ill just order these cables and see what happens! i dont mind changing the resolution now and then,it just so i can watch some downloaded movies on the big LCD rather than burn on DVD etc



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1024x768 is probably ok. I would guess the Sony will take that resolution but stretch it to wide screen. There are ways of compensating for that when playing a video, e.g. in windows media player 10 you can change the aspect ration under Tools->Options->Devices->Display->Properties.

I would assume a lot of the other players have similar options.

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