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Hi All,
I have one of these coming on Wednesday but I have a quick question…
I am using the Yamaha a8a and wanted to know at what level I put the gain control on the XTZ A2-400?
I have been using a previous power amp that does not have gain control so I just want to ensure that I am set for Wednesday.

Mr Wolf

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I suspect the gain is adjustable due to having RCA and XLR inputs, the latter usually requiring less gain due to typical higher pre-out voltages over XLR connections.

If connecting via RCA I would just set the XTZ's gain to maximum and see what trim levels YPAO returns to achieve calibration. If they're sensible numbers (i.e. above AVR's minimum trim limit of -10dB) then I'd use that gain level, if not I'd lower the amp's gain and repeat.

Assuming the RX-A8A outputs higher voltages over XLR, if connecting via XLR I'd first set XTZ's gain at minimum and do the same, this time checking to ensure that YPAO generated AVR channel trim levels are between -9B and zero. I wouldn't run positive channel trim in the AVR if at all possible to avoid risk of clipping the internal power amp section at high listening levels.

In both cases you're shooting for a pre-out trim level in the AVR of between -9dB and 0 at calibration (assuming -10dB is the AVR's lowest trim setting).

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